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Re: back-monitor requires non-builtin schema entities

Back-monitor should use a schema_prep.c like scheme for
1) loading monitor-specific schema
2) ensuring required general-purpose schema is load

One can use a variant of schema_load which only registers
new elements when a definition is provided (for monitor-specific
schema) but always verifies that the element is defined (for
all needed elements).


At 02:24 AM 5/17/2003, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I realize that back monitor is requiring a number of schema
>entities (attributeTypes, but in future it may require objectclasses
>as well) that are not currently built-in.  There are two ways to
>ensure they're in (since they are standard track entities):
>1) provide a built-in definition in case they're not read from
>schema files at startup
>2) require appropriate schema files to be loaded when back-monitor
>is used.
>The second choice is much quicker and requires only a statement
>in slapd-monitor(5), while the first requires a bit of coding,
>but nothing really bad.
>Pierangelo Masarati