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RE: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-bdb modify.c

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> This code is going to need some more changing, or perhaps
> reverting to the
> previous approach. As Kurt pointed out to me, we can't delete
> keys from the
> index based on a single value, because the index generation
> code tends to
> generate duplicate keys for a large set of input. E.g., a
> substring index on
> an attribute foo with values
> 	foo=efghi
>     foo=bcdef
> will have a duplicate key on the "ef" substring. With the
> current code, if
> you delete the attribute foo=efghi, then the key for "ef"
> will disappear,
> which will wrongly cause the value foo=bcdef to disappear
> from substring
> searches.

Clarifying the wording of the above example - there will be a key collision
for the "foo=*ef*" substring index. Deleting the value foo=efghi will delete
the key for "foo=*ef*" even though it's still needed for the "foo=bcdef"

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