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> If the list of subsystem IDs in ldap_log.h has everyone's blessings,
> I can make the changes since I'm currently working on it.

The subsystem list is rather internals-oriented.  How about an "ldap"
subsystem which just logs ldap operations, their results, unsolicited
notifications, connects and disconnects?  Something like this:
	conn 3 from to ldap://localhost/
	add(3/1): uid=hbf, dc=mysil
	search(2/4): onelevel dc=mysil: (uid=hbf)
	response(2/4): success (1 result)
	response(3/1): object already exists
where (3/1) is connection 3, message id 1.
I can think of 2 loglevels: One with the above, and one which also
logs each search result.

A "timestamp" subsystem might be useful too, to add a line like this:
	Time: 2002-04-25 08:40:10
every <user-configurable number>th second.

I don't know how to add the subsystems, but I can make a patch with
the log messages if someone tells me what subsystem and level to use.