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Re: current C API draft.

ldap.h claims to support draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-04.txt and not draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-05.txt , the last version of the draft.

After reading the two drafts I did not catch any differences ( maybe I should have read more carefully ), but why not change the supported version to 05?

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
As 2.x moves forward, I think we should aim for compatibility
with our existing implementation (of a LDAPext LDAP C API
I-D).  Those who want RFC 1823/U-Mich LDAP compatibility should
use OpenLDAP 1.x.

With the number of issues fixed in 2.0, I don't believe anyone should be encouraged to use the 1.x series.