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Re: threading model

At 05:11 PM 2002-04-15, David Wright wrote:
>This is a user question about OpenLDAP's threading model. I posed this question in OpenLDAP-Software about a week ago, but no one there was able to answer it.

Well, given that most developer's are on the software list, that
would imply that no one here would be able to answer it either.
Your question likely wasn't responded to for other reasons.
There are many.

While it is unfortunate that your question was not answered, an
unanswered question is an insufficient reason for violating list
charters and policies.  This list is reserved for discussions
regarding the development of OpenLDAP.  See
http://www.openldap.org/lists/ for details.

If someone on this list cares to respond to your question, they
should redirect their answer back to the software list.