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Re: data mining

Kervin Pierre wrote:
> With IP tables ( netfilter ) you can use do rate limiting.
> http://www.netfilter.org/documentation/HOWTO//packet-filtering-HOWTO-7.html#ss7.3
> Just check out the 'limit' match extension.
> What I'd like to see is 'views' support, as in BIND.  Where you would
> able to state in an ACL "host on my network see these attributes, but
> all other hosts see only these".

configure with --enable-rlookups; then add to ACLs rules of the form

access to ...
	by ... ...
	by domain="my.domain" write
	by domain="other.domain" read
	by domain="spammers" none
	by ... ...

Is this what you mean?  Beware that rlookup may be expensive,
depending on the performances of the DNS in your system.


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