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Re: data mining

With IP tables ( netfilter ) you can use do rate limiting. http://www.netfilter.org/documentation/HOWTO//packet-filtering-HOWTO-7.html#ss7.3

Just check out the 'limit' match extension.

What I'd like to see is 'views' support, as in BIND. Where you would able to state in an ACL "host on my network see these attributes, but all other hosts see only these".


Mark Adamson wrote:
Last week, some pinhead in Las Vegas made a few thousand queries to our
LDAP server to gather as many Email addresses as he could, and then sent
Email to all of them advertising his web page about his little yacht
dream. Is there anything in OpenLDAP code or RFC's that deals with
throttling back service to "abusive" clients?  Has anyone privately added
code to implement such a concept?

-Mark Adamson
 Carnegie Mellon

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