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Re: ITS#1679 gentle SIGHUP handling

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati writes:
> >Howard Chu wrote:
> >
> >> It may be a good idea to have the frontend return UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM on
> > > all new update requests once a gentle shutdown has started.
> Will do.
> >> It still
> >> wouldn't address the problem of long-lived read-only sessions though...
> Short-time clients can be services, but long-lived clients are just
> users.  At least at our site.
> > What about forcing a cache flush and then disable it when a gentle
> > shutdown is requested?
> How do I do that?

I'm afraid that will require setting up some dedicated code in the
backends that is triggered by the signal handler.  I not from your
companion message that you stressed on changing the database:

>     if it receives a SIGTERM signal.  This can be useful if you wish to
>     terminate the server and start a new slapd server *with another
>     database*, without disrupting the currently active clients.  The

but as Howard noted, this feature would be strikingly interesting
if the *configuration* is changed while using the *same* database.


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