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Re: ITS#1679 gentle SIGHUP handling

Howard Chu wrote:
> It occurs to me that entry caching could give you an old view of things but
> I wouldn't expect it to be a major issue, most sessions are pretty short
> lived as it is. For services that keep a single long-lived session open, it
> would be useful to give them some kind of indication that they ought to
> close and re-open the session. Not sure how that should work.
> It may be a good idea to have the frontend return UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM on
> all new update requests once a gentle shutdown has started. It still
> wouldn't address the problem of long-lived read-only sessions though...

What about forcing a cache flush and then disable it when a gentle
is requested? This would slow down operations, but keep consistency.
a timeout, further requests could be rejected to force clients to
At the same time, no updates should be accepted.


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