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Re: ITS#1679 gentle SIGHUP handling

Oops, I meant to post that to -devel, not to ITS.  Oh well, better late
than never: Here is the description of the feature (from slapd.conf):

gentlehup { on | off }
    A SIGHUP signal will only cause a 'gentle' shutdown-attempt:  Slapd
    will stop listening for new connections, but will not close the
    connections to the current clients.  It terminates when all clients
    have closed their connections (if they ever do), or - as before -
    if it receives a SIGTERM signal.  This can be useful if you wish to
    terminate the server and start a new slapd server *with another
    database*, without disrupting the currently active clients.  The
    default is off.  You may wish to use idletimeout along with this

OpenLDAP version: 2.1.0alpha.
Patch: http://folk.uio.no/hbf/OpenLDAP/gentlehup.txt

Howard Chu writes:
> This sounds like an extremely good feature for reconfig restarts.

I never thought of that.  All I thought of was rebuilding a new database
and restarting with a new slapd.conf referring to the new database.