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About ldapi://

I was trying to configure ldapi:// by heart and, after a few failures,
I looked at the code nad reviewed some old threads on the subject.
I noted:

1) paths must be URL encoded (e.g. /tmp/mysock => ldapi://%2Ftmp%2Fmysock)
I'll note it somewhere
2) there's no clean way to change the permissions on the socket
(at least as far as I can tell).

I understand a URL should be written in URL syntax, but since
everything that follows the URL scheme is a file name we could 
be a little forgiving.  

We could try to use one of the extra fields (e.g. the "attrs")
to set the permissions, e.g.  ldapi:///tmp/mysock?770

Is the above correct?  Any comments/ideas on how to overcome (2)?