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Re: FW: commit: ldap/servers/slapd acl.c sets.c sets.h

> Note to anyone feeling ambitious (Mark?) : both sets and ACIs can contain DNs.
> Currently there is code to normalize these DNs as they are being evaluated.
> They should really be normalized once upon storing. For sets this means adding
> some checks to aclparse. For ACIs this means adding some syntax validation to
> schema_init...

Another approach would be to turn the set evaluation into a "conventional"
lex/yacc tree generation at parse time, with all the syntax and so checks
we may want to add.  I've never considered how performing these tools are
(in my usual applications parsing/data tree building time is never an 
issue).  This way I expect syntax tuning/checking and enhancing could be
a little easier ... I assume there's no problem in adding lex/yacc
dependency in slapd.  I note that long time ago, when writing a simple,
back-passwd like sql backend, I used yacc to turn LDAP filters into sql
"where" clauses; although i made it heavily malloc-dependent it performed
quite well.