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Re: Multiple occurences of same attribute values

At 02:35 PM 2002-01-18, Michael Ströder wrote:


>> In this case,
>> providing both the LDIF operation and its BER encoding
>> would be useful.
>You mean LDAP operation?

I mean "provide LDIF which describes the LDAP operation"
and the BER encoding of that operation.

>It's just a simple AddRequest.

Maybe, maybe not.

>My LDIF example was just for representing the data. It's done with
>python-ldap which is a real simple C wrapper module around the
>OpenLDAP 2 libs. You probably should be able to reproduce it with a
>few lines of C code.

When I'm ready to investigate, I'll likely just try to
duplicate the problem with ldapadd(1).  However, I'd still
like to see the BER for the request as you aren't using
ldapadd(1) and hence may actually be doing something

>BER encoding - which debug level?


>Note that the Netscape Directory Server returns
>LDAP_TYPE_OR_VALUE_EXISTS with the very same application.