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Re: OpenLDAP slapd leak memory (2.0.7 on Sun Solaris)

At 07:23 AM 5/1/01, Martin McFlySr wrote:
>1. What level of debugging (for slapd) is necessary for search of a reason
>   of refusal in service slapd?


>2. What we are can(must) do for fix "memory leak" in slapd?

Assuming there is a leak in slapd, you need to use common
technics for discovering the source of the leak.  As you note
you are using Solaris, I note that certain Solaris libraries
have had significant leakage... regex and threads libraries
come to mind.

Of course, you could just be seeing cache/thread growth.

>3. Can be, there is other way, except for garbage collector, elimination of
>   a memory leak in slapd?

Use a variety of tools as they each have there limits.  I
use built in features of malloc() on FreeBSD to find common