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OpenLDAP slapd leak memory (2.0.7 on Sun Solaris)

Hello, developers!

Some  time  ago  i  wrote  letter  about  "OpenLDAP slapd leak memory" in
OpenLdap-general" maillist, but get only one answer.

I have:

1. SunOS s2 5.8 Generic_108528-03 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise
2. OpenLDAP 2.0.7
3. LDAP base with ~1000 records.

After assembly slapd we have a memory leak by its operation.

"Randall S. Winchester" <rsw@sendmail.com> has advised: "recompile OpenLDAP
with the Solaris C compiler" for elimination of a memory leak.

We  are  recompile  slapd  with  Solaris  C compiler, but memory leak still
observed: in one hour slapd get around 90-110Mb of memory :-(

Ok, we are assembly "garbage collector", and run slapd with it.

For 12 hours the slapd (with garbage collector) has processed about 566 000
searches  (ldapsearch  -b  "ou=some,  o=ORG, c=COUNTRY" "cn=*test*"), which
were continuously made from 10 queues. The memory leak was not observed.

Good luck? We shall not hasten: after this test, we are make next test:

(the following continuous queues were started simultaneously:)

1. 1 queue:  fetchmail continuously check mail via POP3 for the user having
             record in LDAP base.
2. 2 queues: ldapmodify -w PASSWORD -D 'cn=Admin, o=ORG, c=COUNTRY' -r -f $1
             (in $1 was LDAP format data)
3. 2 queues: ldapsearch  -b  "ou=some,  o=ORG, c=COUNTRY" "cn=*test*"
4. 2 queues: ldapsearch -L -b "o=ORG, c=COUNTRY" '(objectclass=*)'

Approximately in 40-50 minutes of operation of scripts of a memory leak it was
not  observed;  slapd  still  was present at the list of processes, but has
ceased to respond on searches.


1. What level of debugging (for slapd) is necessary for search of a reason
   of refusal in service slapd?
2. What we are can(must) do for fix "memory leak" in slapd?
3. Can be, there is other way, except for garbage collector, elimination of
   a memory leak in slapd?

Thank  for  advices,  the help in solution of a problem of a memory leak on
operation slapd

Tuesday, 01 May  2001,

Best regards from future,
Martin McFlySr, HillDale.