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Re: OpenLDAP2.0 alpha2 on BSD/OS 3.1

At 01:20 PM 8/27/99 +0200, Anders Mattsson wrote:
>I'm trying to build and run OpenLDAP2.0 alpha2 on a BSD/OS 3.1-machine. I
>have one small and one big problem.
>First the small one. Whatever creating the dependencies in the last section
>of the makefiles (build/mkdep?) seem to leave out the target..?

The mkdep script likely got confused by the -M output of your
compiler.  I've committed a couple of modifications to the script
this morning such that mkdep is less likely to produce ill formed
dependencies.  It will now skip over files containing colons and
verify that there is a target and that it is followed by a colon.

On some platforms, the new changes may result in no dependencies
being generated.  This is most likely do to the compiler option
configure has selected to use to generate is not behaving as

>Now the BIG problem - when I run slapd and try to connect to it with for
>example ldapsearch, it just hangs on the "bind":

>slapd starting
>connection_get(6): got connid=0
>connection_read(6): checking for input on id=0
>ber_get_next: tag 0x30 len 32 contents:
><hangs until i exit the client>
>Any ideas? I have tried to build with and without threads....

Not sure.  Looks like the server blocked waiting for input (which
it shouldn't) AND that the input didn't arrive (which it should).

I would suggest sending the server a SIGABRT and then use the
debugger to determine exact where it's hung.  I'd also check
netstat to see if the server has data is available from the