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RE: signal() behavior

At 06:07 PM 8/24/99 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
>Well, in that case the same behavior can be obtained using socketpair() if
>it's available, or just a regular pair of sockets bound to localhost.
>I don't have recent enough knowledge about NT or MacOS to comment on their
>support for pipes. I don't recall MacOS providing pipes at all...

It's not that NT doesn't have pipes, it does.  You just cannot
select() on them.  For a quick clue as to which systems pipe()
won't work on, see <ac/socket.h>... any system requiring something
where close(socket()) is likely not going to support select() on
a pipe.

I'd suggest using socketpair() if it exists.  If socketpair()
doesn't exist, I do NOT recommend falling back to pair().  a
socketpair() replacement can easily be implemented.

Anyways, I suggest adding the new code behind HAVE_SOCKETPAIR.
Than configure can detect socketpair().  If it doesn't exist,
socket.h can provide a prototype for a replacement and define