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RE: signal() behavior

Well, in that case the same behavior can be obtained using socketpair() if
it's available, or just a regular pair of sockets bound to localhost.

re: poll() vs select() - in my experience, poll() has been implemented less
widely than select() - I don't think that's a worthwhile migration.
On some systems that have both BSD sockets and SVR4 STREAMS, poll only works
with STREAMS, and won't work with socket descriptors. (AIX 3 is an example
that comes to mind.) All in all, you just can't win.

I don't have recent enough knowledge about NT or MacOS to comment on their
support for pipes. I don't recall MacOS providing pipes at all...

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> BTW, mixing pipes and sockets may not be all that portable.
> On some systems (NT, MacOS, BeoOS?, etc.), socket descriptors
> are not interoperable with file descriptors....  On such
> systems, you can only select(2) on socket descriptors.
> Kurt