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Re: 2.0-alpha and Solaris 7

At 06:07 PM 8/16/99 +1000, David J N Begley wrote:
>- Just checking, all shared libs should be version 0.0.0?  (./build/top.mk)

Yes. Devel code uses 0.0.0 regardless of current library interface.
That is, we only maintain shared version numbers for releases.

>- [Let me know if I should add an ITS/feature req for this one.]  Would it be
>  possible to add configure switches to permit the following clients to be
>  optionally compiled/installed:

Yes.  Feel free to submit an ITS/feature request...

>  "fax"     -  fax500, rp500, xrpcomp
>  "gopher"  -  go500, go500gw
>  "finger"  -  in.xfingerd
>  "mail"    -  mail500, rcpt500
>- Small permissions error during installation:

Thanks, fixed.