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Re: 2.0-alpha and Solaris 7

>The manpage says we should use -lpthread as well.

>From my reading of the Solaris programming guide, we shouldn't use
'-mt' at all this provides Solaris semantics instead of Pthread
semantics.  Though this effects only a few calls, we happen to use
at least one of them, fork().  It might wise to remove '-mt'
detection and rely on -lpthread.  Any objection?

I noticed the programmer's manual suggests define _POSIX_C_SOURCE
likely be quite problematic.  I am not sure what
_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS does on Solaris and other platforms.
Also, we need to know what effect defining _REENTRANT has on
Solaris when using <pthread.h> and -lpthread.  Undefining _REENTRANT
would likely be problematic.

We'd have to research this before changing our current defines. 

>-lrt (or obsolete alias -lposix4)

Older Solaris, IIRC, only had -lposix4 but it's sched_yield() was
only a stub.  On such systems, we now detect and use thr_yield().