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Re: 2.0-alpha and Solaris 7

I committed some changes which should resolve these issues.
	- backed out dir.mk changes which broke 'make veryclean'
	- moved res_search detection from out behind --enable-dns
	- used link test for inet_aton() detection

Please test and provide feedback.

At 02:31 AM 8/16/99 +1000, David J N Begley wrote:
>On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, David J N Begley wrote:
>> Prima facie, this looks cool.  Environ is Sol7/SPARC and gcc 2.8.1.  I'd
>> better wait for the release of "alpha2" before pushing this too much harder,
>> to ensure that I'm chasing a genuine problem as opposed to one caused by
>> mixing 'n' matching revs.
>I managed to build CVS and pull down a copy of OpenLDAP-devel.  As before,
>"configure" now works for POSIX threads.  The "inet_aton" issue hasn't gone
>away, though.
>- configure claims inet_aton is present, but it only appears to compile
>  a test programme, it doesn't actually *link* anything (at which point
>  it would fail)
>- AC_LIBS needs "-lresolv" added for inet_aton to be included, as used by:
>  libraries/libldap
>  libraries/libldap_r
>  which in turn then affects everything linked with these libraries:
>  clients/tools
>  clients/ud
>  clients/finger
>  clients/gopher
>  clients/mail500
>  clients/fax500
>  clients/rcpt500
>  servers/slapd
>  servers/slapd/tools
>  servers/slurpd
>  tests/progs
>- currently AC_LIBS on Sol7 contains "-lgen -lnsl -lsocket", so I was
>  thinking of modifying the configure.in tests (circa line 625):
>  AC_CHECK_LIB(socket, main)
>  [...]
>  AC_CHECK_LIB(nsl, main)
>  [...]
>  AC_CHECK_LIB(gen, main)
>  AC_CHECK_LIB(resolv, inet_aton)
>  the issue being, of course, that these tests are meant to find socket();
>  given that socket() is in -lsocket and not -lgen or -lnsl (yet they're
>  included anyway), it may not be such a bad thing after all...
>  The "main" check in -lsocket, -lgen and -lnsl appear to match the symbol
>  "_thr_main" in each library - there's no equiv in -lresolv so a "main"
>  check there wouldn't work
>  Alternatively, could the current check for inet_aton actually do a link
>  in addition to compile operation (which would fail), followed by a check
>  for inet_aton in -lresolv (compile/link would pass, add -lresolv to
>  AC_LIBS)?
>- "make distclean" doesn't remove these files:
>  contrib/Makefile
>  contrib/saucer/Makefile
>  contrib/web_ldap/Makefile
>  include/lber_types.h
>After all this, "make test" still results in a core dump anyway so now I need
>to dig a little further...