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Re: (ITS#8677) back-sock segfaults on CONTINUE (database sock)

hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> When using back-sock (database sock) and the external sock listener returns
>> CONTINUE then slapd seg faults.
>> Yes, returning CONTINUE is only allowed when using back-sock as overlay.
>> But slapd should not seg fault and rather return as LDAP result:
> No. This is a configuration error and it's appropriate to halt the server and 
> force it to be fixed.

Even if I follow your argument this message does not look like the server was
deliberately halted:

slapd: result.c:83: sock_read_and_send_results: Assertion `si->si_ops != 0' failed.
./start-slapd.sh: line 21: 30179 Aborted                 (core dumped) ${OPENLDAP_EXEC}
-d stats,shell -h "ldap:// ${LDAPI_URI}" -n slapd-sock-test -f slapd.conf

Also the args and PID files are not cleaned up. I guess database environment(s) of other
backend(s) is/are also not closed in a controlled manner.

So at least it should properly log a message and shutdown cleanly.

Ciao, Michael.