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Re: (ITS#4742) parameter unique_attributes and unknown attribute types

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Another possibility would be to always enable LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG for the 
> tools. The only reason I suggest this is because I would prefer that 
> runtime configuration errors are only logged when specifically 
> requested, not at DEBUG_ANY. Since the error messages are already 
> returnes to the client in the protocol, it's not always necessary to log 
> them separately.
The point is that I'd like to separate informative messages about 
configuration (LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG) from __the__ message that described 
why slaptest failed (or slapd refuses to start).  Right now, either you 
get all (which is annoying) or none (which is frustrating).  Apparently, 
unless we hijack LDAP_DEBUG_NONE for the duration of config parsing, and 
OR it to all messages followed by "return ARG_BAD_CONF;", we need 
another LDAP_DEBUG_*.


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