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Re: (ITS#4742) parameter unique_attributes and unknown attribute types

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>> It seems that slapd stops without configuration error message if unknown
>> attribute types are set for parameter unique_attributes (slapo-unique). It would
>> be nice if a descriptive message is displayed (like in other cases).
> I think this occurs if debug is set to "config" or "-1".  However, it 
> would be more appropriate to log configuration errors that result in 
> failures at "any", so that whatever logging is set they show up.  For 
> this purpose, many of the current occurrences of LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG 
> should be turned into (LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG | LDAP_DEBUG_NONE), so that 
> they show up when caught by tools with default logging (e.g. 
> slaptest(8)), or into LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, so that they show up all times.  
> I'd vote for the latter.

Another possibility would be to always enable LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG for the 
tools. The only reason I suggest this is because I would prefer that 
runtime configuration errors are only logged when specifically 
requested, not at DEBUG_ANY. Since the error messages are already 
returnes to the client in the protocol, it's not always necessary to log 
them separately.
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