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Re: (ITS#4666) -d ? says: unrecognized log level '?'

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>>> This is great, although I am not sure what the NOTE means exactly.  I 
>>> assume the OpenLDAP log system is extensible, e.g., I could write an 
>>> overlay that added a log subsystem named Stats3?  Or it would only be 
>>> selectable with -d using a number such as 65536?
>> It is.  As far as I know, pcache is the only official overlay that adds 
>> a log level; however, this occurs after options parsing.  In that case, 
>> we should defer handling of "-d '?'" to after backends (and overlays) 
>> are initialized.  I'll leave this for later.
> Should be fixed now as well.  I'm afraid in some cases, if an error 
> occurs during the setup of everything, logging might not occur.  Please 
> re-test.

It might be sufficient to log all the hardcoded levels up front, note 
that the list was requested, and then (if requested) spit out a new 
message whenever new levels are registered.

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