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(ITS#4651) slapd fails parsing valid slapd.conf

Full_Name: Tom McCubbin
Version: 2.3.27 and prior
OS: solaris 10 x86
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

On solaris (& likely BSD) slapd can't handle slapd.conf lines which are greater
than 1024 chars in width.  This stems from the issue that unlike in the gnu libc
stdio which defines BUFSIZ as 8k, sun and bsd uses a BUFSIZ of 1k.

this is causing Hula (http://www.hula-project.org) to fail on solaris beacuse
the schema used has a MAY (...) clause which exceeds the 1024 bufsize.

I have tracked the problem to the following location:


    a static char buffer w/ size BUFSIZ is allocated (buf[BUFSIZ]) and used when
reading lines from the slapd.conf config file.  This should be

I have added a simple redef of BUFSIZ in config.c for the time being.