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Re: Patch to support configuration directories (ITS#4530)

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On 10 mei 2006, at 23:47, Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

> As no patch is provided in this issue report, this report must
> be treated as a feature request.  If you would like a patch
> considered for inclusion, you must provide the patch for
> consideration.
Yes, I got the code already but didn't have a suitable patch yet, 
wanted to find out if there's actual interest for it first.

> Howard correctly notes that similar feature requests have been
> rejected in the past and suggests this request should be
> rejected as well.  I concur.
I read the ITS he referred to and understand the reasons, so I already 
guessed so. Although the difference is that this patch doesn't have the 
problem described in followup 2, since it doesn't implement globbing, 
it adds support for specifying directories as an argument to the 
include command. So it doesn't introduce unexpected behaviour.

I'll use the patch for this little project (in which I need to add ACLs 
to the cfg, preferably without having to edit slapd.conf), at least, it 
seems it'll stay there then.

Just wanted to make sure if maybe someone would be interested. :-)


Wilmer van der Gaast.

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