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Re: non-leaf tree deletion problem (ITS#3088)

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 20:04, Howard Chu wrote:
> Which backend are you using?
> If you're using back-ldbm, try deleting the dn2id database and then running
> slapindex. (Obviously slapd must be shutdown first.)

It was back-bdb and in a test environment. However, I haven't seen that
problem for openldap>2.2.8. I was doing a number of searches and
modifications at the same time as the database was being populated and a
syncrepl consumer was syncing. It only happened once and I'm not sure
how I managed to drive it into that state. If it happens again I will
try your method. But for the time being I would suggest that this one is
closed or suspended.

Many thanks,

-- Dr MDT Evans, Computing Services, Queen Mary, University of London