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ldapsearch Problem

  In rfc2252 (LDAP attribute syntax definition V3)
document, It mention that LDAP syntax description,
LDAP schema definition and  LDAP schema description
are human readable string in syntax.

When I am using ldapsearch command ( openldap search
tools) to search schema from 3rd party LDAP directory
( critialpath). I got the MIME encoding string in
schema only.

The command line is
ldapSearch -s base -b cn=subschema -h localhost -p
1233 '(objectclass=subschema)'

I got the follow value:

Objectclasses ::
Attributetypes ::
cn: subschema
objectclass: top
objectclass: subschema

1. Anyone know which is the default result from schema
( Mine encoding string or human readable string )?

2. If the result should be the human readable string,
why I got the MIME encoding sting on it? Is the
OpenLDAP tool has some restriction to search the 3rd
party directory?

3. Does ldapsearch command line has an option to
decode the base64 value ?

4. I also use other tool to get the schema info such
as MS LDAP(API) using the ldap_search function and
ActiveXClient from www.polonia-online.com/LDAP/. I can
get the clear Text attribute and objectclass info.
Anyone know why LDAPSearch from Openldap cannot view
the clear text ?

Thanks for help. 


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