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RE: KrbV5, KPASSWD, Invalid credentials, Unable to locate KDC (ITS#1520)

I was using debians krb5 packages, version 1.2.2.

I have later tried the packages from turbo at www.bayour.com ,
With the same results (currently installed).

> dpkg -l "krb5*"

ii  krb5-admin-server   1.2.2-1.TF.3        Mit Kerberos master server
un  krb5-clients        <none>              (no description available)
ii  krb5-config         1.3                 Configuration files for
Kerberos Version 5
un  krb5-doc            <none>              (no description available)
un  krb5-ftpd           <none>              (no description available)
ii  krb5-kdc            1.2.2-1.TF.3        Mit Kerberos key server
ii  krb5-rsh-server     1.2.2-1.TF.3        Secure replacements for rshd
and rlogind  using MIT Ke
ii  krb5-telnetd        1.2.2-1.TF.3        Secure telnet server
supporting MIT Kerberos
ii  krb5-user           1.2.2-1.TF.3        Basic programs to
authenticate using MIT Kerberos


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> From: Howard Chu [mailto:openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org] 
> Sent: 20. marts 2002 13:35
> To: ah@e-i.dk
> Subject: Re: KrbV5, KPASSWD, Invalid credentials, Unable to 
> locate KDC (ITS#1520)
> That's very strange, since the krb5_parse_name function is 
> supposed to set this itself. Also, the Krb5 support appears 
> to be written for the Heimdal Kerberos distribution. In 
> Heimdal there is no krb5_set_principal_realm(). What Kerberos 
> package did you use?