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Re: slapadd segfaults with sub,approx indexing on UTF-8 data (ITS#1215)

I think this is related to recent back-ldbm changes.  I
saw this first last week while at the plugfest. Hopefully
Randy has a chance to look into it.


At 12:47 AM 7/16/2001, pmasarati@bci.it wrote:
>Stig@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>> Not sure what I was doing yesterday. I managed to reproduce the problem
>> today, and I think I've fixed it. Please try latest CVS version. Hope-
>> fully the changes haven't introduced new bugs.
>I son't think it's your fault. I was afraid it was mine, 
>after I committed the back-monitor stuff, though. I checked
>your changes and I don't think you caused any change in
>such code (of course a subtle side-effect can always happen).
>The problem occurs when closing the backend: in 
>void ldbm_shutdown_env(DB_ENV *env)
>        env->close( env, 0 );
>is called with a NULL env.  My question is: is this correct
>(at least in TOOL mode) or is something causing the env to
>be corrupted right before shutting down the backend? Notice
>that by skipping this call when env is NULL makes all the 
>tests succeeed regularly.
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