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Re: slapadd segfaults with sub,approx indexing on UTF-8 data (ITS#1215)

Stig@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> Not sure what I was doing yesterday. I managed to reproduce the problem
> today, and I think I've fixed it. Please try latest CVS version. Hope-
> fully the changes haven't introduced new bugs.

I son't think it's your fault. I was afraid it was mine, 
after I committed the back-monitor stuff, though. I checked
your changes and I don't think you caused any change in
such code (of course a subtle side-effect can always happen).
The problem occurs when closing the backend: in 


void ldbm_shutdown_env(DB_ENV *env)
        env->close( env, 0 );

is called with a NULL env.  My question is: is this correct
(at least in TOOL mode) or is something causing the env to
be corrupted right before shutting down the backend? Notice
that by skipping this call when env is NULL makes all the 
tests succeeed regularly.


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