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Re: [ldapext] Authentication information in LDAP URLs

At 12:31 AM 4/28/2004, Michael Ströder wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>In note that LDAPBIS had concerns with bindname not be
>>recognized (let alone supported) by all implementations
>>and axed it from the revised technical specification.
>Uuuh? (Cc:-ed ietf-ldapbis@OpenLDAP.org)

My categorization of the LDAPBIS WG discussions may be poor
simplification.  Maybe a better simple categorization would
to be to say that the WG recognized that there were a number
of thorny technical issues with this feature and the WG choose
not to tackle them.  Additionally, there were (and still are)
implementation report issues with regard to this feature.

As the feature uses an extension mechanism and should be
Elective as well as truly optional, it is recognized
that the specification for this feature, like many other
extensions, can be separately documented and separately
progressed from the LDAP 'core' technical specification.

Given this, and the lateness of this concern, I will not
entertain (at this time) the question of whether the
specification of this feature should or should not be
reincorporated into the 'core' specification.  Instead,
I encourage you, and others who may believe a new
specification of this feature should be progressed, to
engineer, on an individual basis, an Internet Draft
containing such.

Kurt, LDAPBIS co-chair