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LDAP/BER To LDAP/XML Conversion?

LDAP Revision List members...

I do not know LDAP, I have never worked with LDAP, and I beg your pardon if this message is erroneous in any way.

I understand from a quick review of draft-legg-ldap-transfer-02.txt that there is an interest in representing LDAP in XML.

I have developed some software that is capable of performing protocol-specific BER (or DER) to XML data conversions. The software powers a free service; see http://www.holmespun.biz/berasno/. The service currently supports GSM MAP, ITU TCAP, and IETF SNMP. The software is also capable of handling X.509 certificates, CMS, PKIX TAP, and UMTS MAP.

It appears that the software might be able to support LPADv3 as well; I used rfc2251, but now see draft-ietf-ldapbis-protocol-23.txt. To know for sure, I need some LDAPMessage hexadecimal data. Do you know where I can find some?

I would also like to determine the level of interest in this sort of functionality. Please share any opinions you would like to express.

If you think I should take up this question with another group on another list, or in some other forum, then please feel free to provide me with guidance.

Thank you.


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