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Re: Protocol: Compare contradiction

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
>At 03:13 PM 4/19/2004, Jim Sermersheim wrote:
>> I'm thinking it might be best to state that if the compare cannot
>> resolve to a true or false state an appropriate result code is
>> returned.
> I suggest saying something like:
>         The compareTrue resultCode indicates the AVA is True.

s/the AVA/at least one AVA/.

(BTW, is it correct to say that the AVA "is" True?  Or should
it be "evaluated to" True?)

>         The compareFalse resultCode indicates that the AVA is False.

s/the AVA is False/there is one or more AVA, and they are all False/.

>         All other resultCodes indicate the AVA is Undefined
>         (see A.2 for a description of these other result codes).

What if there is no error (or at least none covered by the available
result codes), but the matching rule simply evaluated to Undefined?
I don't see what else than compareFalse can be returned.

> and then avoid reinterating information about these other
> resultCodes in this section.

Good, unless pulling Undefined into compareFalse makes it less
clear what is an error...