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Re: LDAPprep: combining marks

At 06:20 PM 3/15/2004, Paul Hoffman / VPNC wrote:
>At 2:37 PM -0800 3/15/04, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>In response to Paul's concerns, I have prepared a table of
>>combining marks for inclusion as Appendix D.  Please verify.
>Um, how can we "verify" them without knowing what algorithm you used? Please state *in the document* how you created the table.

In my working copy, I have the follow definition:
  The term "combining mark", as used in this specification, refers     
  to any Unicode [Unicode] code point which has a mark property (Mn,         
  Mc, Me).  Appendix D provides a complete list of combining marks.

which I hope is sufficient.  I found a couple of errors in the list
I previously provided.  Here is the new list.
  0300-034F 0360-036F 0483-0486 0488-0489 0591-05A1 05A3-05B9 05BB-05BC
  05BF 05C1-05C2 05C4 064B-0655 0670 06D6-06DC 06DE-06E4 06E7-06E8
  06EA-06ED 0711 0730-074A 07A6-07B0 0901-0903 093C 093E-094F 0951-0954
  0962-0963 0981-0983 09BC 09BE-09C4 09C7-09C8 09CB-09CD 09D7 09E2-09E3
  0A02 0A3C 0A3E-0A42 0A47-0A48 0A4B-0A4D 0A70-0A71 0A81-0A83 0ABC
  0ABE-0AC5 0AC7-0AC9 0ACB-0ACD 0B01-0B03 0B3C 0B3E-0B43 0B47-0B48
  0B4B-0B4D 0B56-0B57 0B82 0BBE-0BC2 0BC6-0BC8 0BCA-0BCD 0BD7 0C01-0C03
  0C3E-0C44 0C46-0C48 0C4A-0C4D 0C55-0C56 0C82-0C83 0CBE-0CC4 0CC6-0CC8
  0CCA-0CCD 0CD5-0CD6 0D02-0D03 0D3E-0D43 0D46-0D48 0D4A-0D4D 0D57
  0D82-0D83 0DCA 0DCF-0DD4 0DD6 0DD8-0DDF 0DF2-0DF3 0E31 0E34-0E3A
  0E47-0E4E 0EB1 0EB4-0EB9 0EBB-0EBC 0EC8-0ECD 0F18-0F19 0F35 0F37 0F39
  0F3E-0F3F 0F71-0F84 0F86-0F87 0F90-0F97 0F99-0FBC 0FC6 102C-1032
  1036-1039 1056-1059 1712-1714 1732-1734 1752-1753 1772-1773 17B4-17D3
  180B-180D 18A9 20D0-20EA 302A-302F 3099-309A FB1E FE00-FE0F FE20-FE23
  1D165-1D169 1D16D-1D172 1D17B-1D182 1D185-1D18B 1D1AA-1D1AD