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My LDAP people were not showing up in MS Outlook's Address Book. However, name completion when composing emails did work.

Here's how to see what names are in your LDAP directory from the Address Book.

1. Open the Address Book (CTRL+SHIFT+B).
2. Select your LDAP server in the "Show Names from the:" box.
3. Click the "Find Items" button, or menu option Tools > Find.., or CTRL+SHIFT+F. This will bring up a search window.
4. Enter at least a partial search criterion. Then click "OK".

The Address Book list should now show entries in your LDAP directory that match your search criteria. You can double-click on any entry to see how it looks in MS Outlook's Contact Properties window.

(This is at best, a workaround. Anyone know how to make all the contacts show up by default?)

To see all LDAP contacts with email addresses in the Outlook Address book, 'Find People','Advanced', define criteria 'Email contains @', 'Find now'
You can then select all and add them all to the local contacts if desired.
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