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The section discusses how to integrate OpenLDAP Software into various environments. It also provides hints on how to configure clients (with links to primary support sites for 3rd party clients) to use OpenLDAP Software.
Note that answers to specific questions about LDAP-enablement of a particular application can often be found in FAQs (and other documentation) associated with the application. If you cannot find an answer to a question specific to a particular application, you should make use of mailing lists (and their archives) supporting the particular application. In many cases, answers here mention of appropriate discussions mailing lists (or other support forums).

Only questions specific to OpenLDAP Software should be raised on OpenLDAP mailing lists.
See http://www.openldap.org/lists/ for list charters.

General LDAP questions should be directed to the U-Mich General LDAP List (ldap@umich.edu). There is also an LDAP integration list (ldap-interop@fini.net) available. Neither of these lists are operated by the OpenLDAP Project.

(Category) Microsoft Applications

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See also: (Xref) LDAP Developer Tools
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