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If you are experiencing performance problems with slapd and its clients, where updates appear to be taking an unusually long time, check to see if your servers and/or clients machine names and IP address are in the DNS for both name queries and reverse queries (IP -> name). If they aren't, then the machines are trying to do DNS lookups and are failing only after a long timeout.
Either correct the information in the DNS or use the hosts file on the servers and clients to identify the machines.
This situation is common in networks that use DHCP to supply IP addresses.
After some reading, it seemed appropriate to index our DNS records like this:
# Database indexing
index           objectClass                     pres,eq
index           aRecord                         pres,eq
index           sOARecord                       pres,eq
index           nSRecord                        pres,eq
index           associatedDomain                eq
index           cNAMERecord                     eq
index           ipHostNumber                    eq
After the changes, simple hostname lookup times went from 1.74 seconds to 0.04 seconds. Yippee!!
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