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This category details how to build MinGW-targeted OpenLDAP 2.x in a Cygwin environment.
(Updated December 18, 2001)

This flavor of OpenLDAP is built by a version of GCC that recognizes the "mingw" target. This version of GCC will generate x86 object code that implicitly links with Microsoft's dynamic C run-time and Win32 libraries.

Although MinGW-targeted OpenLDAP builds, it has not been thoroughly tested. Not all configuration/build features are supported.

The following configuration/build features ARE supported:

  • Static or dynamic OpenLDAP libraries (liblber, libldap, libldap_r)
  • Multiple Threads
  • Slapd server
  • Static or dynamic LDBM and LDAP backends
  • Clients: 'tools'
The following configuration/build features ARE NOT supported:
  • All other servers
  • All other backends (static or dynamic)
  • All other clients
  • Test programs and scripts
  • All 'contrib' packages
Just because a particular configuration/build feature is not supported does not mean that it cannot be configured and/or built. MinGW support is still in its infancy. Others are encouraged to add support for other features as needed.

Please read all of the associated documents in this category.

MinGW support for slurpd and the test suite were added to the OpenLDAP 2.1.3 release. The code is known to run and all the self-tests pass, although some hand-editing of config file paths (slashes in directory paths) may be needed.
Building under MSYS is possible as well, but you need the cygpath utility from Cygwin in a couple of places. The easiest thing is to simply append your Cygwin bin directory to the end of your PATH before running make. Otherwise, building in the MSYS environment is much the same as building under Cygwin.
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