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Use your favorite editor to edit the provided slapd.conf example (usually installed as /usr/local/etc/slapd.conf) to contain an LDBM database definition of the form:
  database ldbm
  suffix "dc=<MY-DOMAIN>, dc=<COM>"
  rootdn "cn=Manager, dc=<MY-DOMAIN>, dc=<COM>"
  rootpw secret
Be sure to replace <MY-DOMAIN> and <COM> with the appropriate domain components of your domain name. For example, for "mydomain.com", use:
  database ldbm
  suffix "dc=mydomain, dc=com"
  rootdn "cn=Manager, dc=mydomain, dc=com"
  rootpw secret
If your domain contained additional components, such as "eng.uni.edu.eu", use:
  database ldbm
  suffix "dc=eng, dc=uni, dc=edu, dc=eu"
  rootdn "cn=Manager, dc=eng, dc=uni, dc=edu, dc=eu"
  rootpw secret

An example slapd.conf(5) file is provided with the distribution and is normally installed as /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf.
See Also: slapd.conf(5) (Xref) SLAPD Configuration
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