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One way is to start your properly configured server (assuming 2.4.7) and issue the following command:
 ldapadd -x -H ldap://<LDAP SERVER>/ -D "cn=config" -W -f <SCHEMA>.ldif
 Enter LDAP Password: 
 adding new entry "cn=<SCHEMA>,cn=schema,cn=config"

when I try to add cosine schema with following command, it prompted for password but it failed with "ldap_bind: invalid credentials(49)" message. Is this Root Dn password or somethingelse? I am trying to use cosign as well as inetorgperson schema. slapd failed to start after I include these two schemas in slapd.conf.
ldapadd -x -H ldap://myinstitution.edu -D "cn=config" -W -f /usr/local/etc/schema/cosign.ldif"
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