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To update a mature branch for release.
        Select patches based upon developer input.  Where needed, work with developer to back port patch.  Use git cherry-pick to pull in changes easily.
        Update CHANGES as you integrate patches.
When ready for release, update version and CHANGES to reflect new release.
For the CHANGES file, add the date of the release, and drop Engineering bit for the release.
Update version.var, specifically: the ol_patch, ol_api_inc, and ol_release_date values.
If the library API hasn't changed, bump ol_api_revision
If the library API has changed, bump ol_api_current and ol_api_age and reset ol_api_revision to zero
git commit the updated CHANGES and version.var files
  Lay release tag.  For example:
  git tag -m "OpenLDAP 2.4.28" OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_4_28
Push the new tag: git push --tags

  Finally notify the foundation.
That's basically it. It might be good to elaborate a bit more on precisely how to update version.var (to get the shared library versioning correct) and misc. other stuff.
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