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To create a new release engineering branch:
        0) prepare HEAD for new release
                a) move code out from behind LDAP_DEVEL as appropriate
                for new release
                b) unifdef code as appropriate for new release
          Note: this is done on a case by case bases, some cases deferred
          until beta/GA stages.  But by GA, most everything in the new release
          should be main line (not behind ifdefs).
         git branch OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_5 master
4) checkout the release branch git clone -b OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_5 'ssh://quanah@git-master.openldap.org/~git/git/openldap.git'
5) update re25 as appropriate for the release a) update version.var and other version stuff, add empty CHANGES file b) replace README, INSTALL, etc., with release version (copy in from prior release, edit as needed). c) remove from files not intended for release d) ...
7) when ready for release a) update CHANGES and version.var b) lay release tag

            Note: pre-releasing testings can be inserted as needed before a)
           or after b.  If after b, any changes resulting from this testing
           may cause files (CHANGES, version date, and code) to be updated.
           Just repeat b, overwriting the old tag (e.g., add -F).
d) notify Foundation when COMPLETELY ready for release

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