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one can build openldap using the wgcc compiler wrapper and Interix.
What you need:
 * wgcc (interix-wgcc.sf.net)
 * pxwc (same as wgcc)
 * libtool patch for wgcc (same as wgcc)
 * autoconf patch for wgcc (same as wgcc)
* autoconf (with wgcc patch applied before installing) * automake * libtool (with wgcc patch applied before installing , you will have to bootstrap libtool)
* openldap 2.3.32 * openldap patch (see openldap ITS #4825)
what you need to do:
 * install all above, except openldap.
* extract openldap sources. * apply the wgcc patch (ITS #4825) * bootstrap openldap (use patched autoconf/libtool): * libtoolize --force --copy * aclocal * autoconf
* configure with wgcc: * ./configure CC=wgcc CXX=wgcc LD=wgcc --prefix=....
* make install as usual...
* enjoy
Cheers, Markus
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