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SUSE Linux ships OpenLDAP packages as part of the distribution. It is split into the following packages:

  • openldap2: The server daemons (slapd, slurpd), their offline tools and documentation.
  • openldap2-client: The client libaries and commandline tools (ldapsearch, ldapmodify, etc.) with their man-pages
  • openldap2-devel: The header and manpages needed to write your own LDAP aware software
  • openldap2-back-meta:The meta backend as a dynamically loadable module and its documentation.
  • openldap2-back-perl:The perl backend as a dynamically loadable module and its documentation.
  • Support of these packages should be handled via the normal Novell support channels.

    RPM packages of current OpenLDAP releases for various SuSE Linux based products are also available via the openSUSE buildservice at:


    For details please have a look at the openSUSE Wiki. Please note, that the packages provided there are not official update packages for any SUSE Linux product. They are provided for those who want to use newer versions of OpenLDAP, on older versions of SuSE Linux and for testing purposes.

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