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RedHat (http://www.redhat.com) provides RPMs of OpenLDAP Software for Redhat Linux.

Red Hat includes precompiled versions of OpenLDAP in their 7.x through 9.0 distributions. These are outdated and slightly modified from the original OpenLDAP.org sources, and distributed versions prior to 9.0 cannot be expected to perform reliably under moderate to heavy loads.

The packages are typically named:

  • openldap = OpenLDAP shareable object libraries, their configuration files, documentation of same, and the official LDAP RFCs.
  • openldap-servers = slapd and slurpd daemons, offline tools (slapadd etc.), schema files, and the PADL.COM migration tools (some of which are inappropriate to Red Hat environments).
  • openldap-clients = command-line tools from OpenLDAP.org (ldapadd, ldapdelete, ldapmodify, ldapmodrdn, ldappasswd, ldapsearch, ud) and documentation of same.
  • Other packages strongly related to LDAP are:

  • nss_ldap = Name Service Switch and PAM modules from PADL.COM
  • auth_ldap = LDAP authentication for Apache web servers (Red Hat 7.x)
  • mod_authz_ldap = LDAP authentication for Apache web servers (Red Hat 9.0)
  • php-ldap = LDAP library module for PHP

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