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You may want to tune the entry cache using cachesize slapd.conf(5) configuration directive.
  cachesize 100000
will allow the entry cache to hold 100,000 entries.
About the cachesize and idlcachesize parameters (slapd.conf) :

You may want to put all your directory entries into the entry cache but you must be aware that the memory will not increase forever and the system limits may me reached !

See this thread and the answer from --Quanah :

On Linux 32 bits, the size limit for a process is 2Gb, if the DB_CONFIG set_cachesize is already high, a huge directory may crash with a sequential search on all entries.

See : ITS#3938 (CLOSED "no code bug. doc?")

A useful test : export all entryUUID attributes and then search all of them thanks to the "%s" pattern of the ldapsearch tool .

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