B. Upgrading from 2.5.x

The following sections attempt to document the steps you will need to take in order to upgrade from the latest 2.5.x OpenLDAP version.

The normal upgrade procedure, as discussed in the Maintenance section, should of course still be followed prior to doing any of this.

B.1. ppolicy overlay

The pwdCheckModule option has been moved to the overlay configuration. Existing settings in password policy entries will be ignored. It will be necessary to use pwdUseCheckModule instead and add this configuration directive to the overlay when upgrading if it is currently in use.

B.2. lloadd backends

Backends for lloadd are now grouped in tiers specifying the balancing strategy. OpenLDAP 2.5 configurations must be updated to account for this change.

B.3. monitor backend

In 2.5 and prior, the managedInfo attribute in the cn=Log entry could be used to change the loglevel of the slapd process. In 2.6, monitorLogLevel can be used to change the slapd log level and monitorDebugLevel can be used to change the slapd debug level.

B.4. contrib modules

If still using the lastbind overlay with olcLastBindPrecision (when olcLastBindForwardUpdates is needed), you will need to configure precision on its backend entry instead and the overlay will honour it. The old attribute is no longer accepted or supported.