OpenLDAP, Developer Tools

Developer Tools

OpenLDAP may find the following tools useful.

Build Environment Tools

autoconf - GNU Autoconf
Tool used to generate OpenLDAP's configure script. Requires GNU m4.
libtool - GNU Libtool
Tool used to generate OpenLDAP's shared libraries.
gcc - GNU Compiler
Tool used to compile the software
MSYS2 - MSYS2 build platform
Environment for Windows under which to build OpenLDAP using MINGW64

Software Development Tools

Git - The Git SCM
The source control management system used by OpenLDAP Project to manage concurrent development.

Software Documentation Tools

SDF - Simple Document Format
A documentation system developed by Ian Clatworthy.

Web Development Tools

WML - Web META Language
A sophisticated HTML generation toolkit. Used to generate OpenLDAP web pages.

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